This is only a web dedicated to an actress with a great talent. Nothing more and nothing less. Esta es sólo una página dedicada a una actriz con gran talento, nada más y tampoco nada menos.

This is Tina arriving at two different premieres. The year was 2005

Camp Wilder (TV, 1992), When a Man Loves a Woman (1994), Corrina, Corrina (1994), Andre (1994), Waterworld (1995), New York Crossing (1996), True Women (TV, 1997), Before Women Had Wings (TV, 1997), Merry Christmas, George Bailey (TV, 1997), Santa Fe (1997), Alice in Wonderland (TV, 1999), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), Think Tank (2004).

Tina Majorino, an actress with huge talent

Recommended movies:
1.- Before women had wings. Tina is a maltreated young girl. You must see the film. You´ll never forget her performance.
2.- Alice in wonderland. Trough her face you can see all the Lewis Carroll fantasy world.
3.- Andre, the seal is a fantastic movie for kids, Tina and the seal are so funny; with just 8 years old, Tina is wonderful. Remember this movie when your child ask you for a present.
What a wonderful world is in some movies, thanks to actresses and actors, directors, screenwriters, composers... and this time: thanks to Tina Majorino, she makes inside us a shining recreation of a life full of sentiments. Sure Tina is going to come back with all her crystalline and calm pond of sentiments. 

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